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itzdaniel483 a posted Sep 1, 16

The server rules are shown below:

Have fun;

Don't spam in chat;

Don't propblock;

Only use ooc if you have a problem with another player

To call an admin about a problem please do @ (message), the message has to be a valid reason, not something like: "admin i want to show you something",

To appeal bans please use the contact me tab, I will look over your ban and try to get back to you as quick as i can; (store coming soon)

Do not spam !report to get an admins attention;

Don't RDM,RDA OR try to run other players over with cars;

Job Rules:

(coming soon....)

Whats been added?

itzdaniel483 a posted Sep 1, 16

Lots of new things have been added, more cars, better weapons for the gun dealers and jobs, even more custom jobs, help textscreens and alot more, if players need help, call an admin or message, therandomguy, on steam.... thanks :)

Don't worry, more will be added, Suggestions are always accepted!!!, if you wish to request something for the server, click the contact tab and type in your idea.


itzdaniel483 a posted Sep 1, 16

Welcome to to my new website, on here you will find players status, events, ranks (shop will be added soon), application forms, contacting tabs, forums including general chat and website suggestions and more!

If you wish to join the server but can't find it in the list, simply type in your console the following sentence; connect then click enter, you should start to join the server.

Visit for the latest game server information!

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